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If you're looking for a way to brighten up your bimmer, add some aftermarket BMW xenon bulbs to your repertoire. The benefits of running a non OEM BMW xenon bulb in each one of your lights are endless. You'll instantly have better coverage of the road when you install the new units because the light is much brighter than the parts for OEM BMW lights. The factory units are halogen design, which is very dated and those types of bulbs tend to burn out pretty easily. The new parts for BMW HID xenon lights last up to ten times longer than the factory lights.

The way aftermarket BMW Xenon lighting works is by utilizing the xenon gas trapped inside of the bulb. Two electrodes charge the gas inside and thus create the light, which is also a visibly different color than most lights. Adding non OEM BMW xenon bulb replacements to your car will only increase your own visibility and your visibility to other drivers.

Unless you bought your car or SUV within the last couple of years, chances are it doesn't have non OEM BMW LED tail lights. This type of technology is different than the aftermarket BMW HID lights. The parts for BMW LEDs use light emitting diodes to create a new type of light that is also very noticeable when you're driving at day or night. Pick up your new parts for BMW lights here and not only will you be a safer driver, you'll have your car dressed up in the latest lighting trends to hit the street!